Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hooray we have Spring!!!!!

Time sure does fly by when you are working and creating with your craft (beads and jewelry). I have been busy with all, especially since I have my first craft show of the year coming up in two weeks at the Crystal Gallery Mall. Please if you get a chance be sure to stop and say hello.
Well as I said I have been busy with my crafts, and had to go to the bank which is located over near Ridgedale. While in the area I decided to go to Veberod Gem gallery as I needed a few supplies. Lets just say that was the wrong thing to do! I met the wonderful Ladies that run the place and talked about anything and everything for about two hours. Well when you are in that type of store, you can't help but chat things up a bit. Oh and now I have another new craft I would like to learn, its lapidary!!!! Yup I fell in love with the cabs and stones and so want to learn how to do that, and a few other things too....Boy my plate will be full
Currently i am working on Viking Knit and making a necklace and earrings. My beads fit on them great, so will be thinking about different combinations to make up. Also have been doing chain malle which I love too. I add my beads to the bracelets and earringsI have been making. Its so nice to see that Spring has finally made it here. While out getting the mail the other day I noticed I have some bulbs popping up!!! They need to be transplanted to the back garden though as they don't receive enough sunlight under the big tree. Have to get my son to dig them for me to transplant them. I am a little gun shy of putting things in the back garden as last year and the year before we were bothered by the "pocket gopher". He did a number on my back yard, and ate all my plants too. I am so glad he loved my Iris's that took 3 years to finally bloom. I was so happy to see them finally blooming and they were so very beautiful too. I got them from a co-worker, I traded some beads for some Iris bulbs. So sad, and now they are all gone.
Guess to be on the safe side I will just scatter some seeds and hope for the best. The only perennials that mr. pocket gopher didn't touch are my climbing rose bush and my regular rose bush. Everything else he ate GRRRR. You would think having a daughter working in a Nursery that I would have flowers and trees all over my yard. She is too busy to take time to send Mom some plants.
Well I need to get back to working on my jewelry as I will be a busy one this weekend I received two special orders for bead sets that I need to create and make. Hope you all have a wonderful week and until the next time......


Saturday, April 5, 2008


Mother nature has decided that even tho the calendar says spring, she is not done with winter yet! We had 6" of snow dumped on us this week. We are all hoping that was the last storm of the year, but time will tell.
I have been busy lately, not only with my day job, but also getting items ready for the craft shows that are coming up. My first one is next month in my City of Crystal. Its on May 3rd and 4th. I am looking forward to it and all the up and coming ones! I will l let you know when I will be doing a show again.
Funny how when it comes time for a craft show my house becomes a sea of beads, findings and all the trimmings I add to what I make. I love doing this craft, it really soothes the nerves! I have been blessed to have many online friends who are always willing to share knowledge and ideas to me to help me and my business grow.
I am a member of the MN Etsy Street Team and they have just started a challenge for us! The challenge is to do a random act of kindness and goodness. Something I participate in regularly in a forum I belong to. Boy does that make the heart feel good when you can do something to brighten someones day. Jenna from ArtisticEdit ion.etsy. com and TheCozyCorse tCuff.etsy. com
She is the one who came up with the challenge, oh if if you get a chance check out he shops. Really nice things in there. I have been thinking what I can do to join this challenge, hmm a rough one. I am sure something will come to mind. I did promise her that if she gave me a list of who is participating that I will put them in my blog for all to see who is participating.
I am going to try and get a little side show going of my Etsy store so that when you read my blog you can see what I do. But for now you can check out my Etsy store at http// Also you can check out my website at e and,on ebay at whimseypaint. And I can't forget the Just Beads site
Wow I sure have plastered my name all over here! I hope if you do check me out you find something you like!
So till next time, I am off to make more beads, and sure hope spring shows up at your house really soon.