Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy New Year

Wishing all my friends and their families a very Happy and prosperous New year.
Its going to be hard to remember to write 2009 now. Every year I have a little contest with myself to see how long it takes me before I mess up and write the wrong year!!!! Great fun, last year I got through to March!
We have been hit very hard with lots of snow so far this year, and they are calling for more tonight. why does it have to snow when you have to drive into work? I had my one day of rest this week, Christmas day, and now we are on the mandatory overtime. they are offering to those who wish to work 10 hours on Sunday so that we have fulfilled our obligation. I have already worked 25 hours ot this week so far, so lets see how many I can put in for the new week which starts tomorrow.
We had a wonderful and very quiet Christmas, kind of tough being away from the ones you love and care about, but at least we talked with them and I pictured myself sitting in front of their tree with a nice cup of hot cocoa.
I hope Santa was good to all of you and you got what you really wanted. I love hearing what everyone got, so feel free to share.
I got Ray (my son) a handmade , 50 x 60 double sided Homer Simpson and family fleece blanket, which has disappeared into his room! It was the best gift he received so he said! Thank you Sue from Cozy Covers.
So now its on to a New Years resolution....hmm have some thinking to do before Midnight 12/31/08..
Again happy New Year Everyone!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Holidays Everyone of all Faiths

Yes I am wishing Everyone the Happiest of Holiday Season! We have but four days to be naughty or nice, and then we will know how good or bad we have been by the gifts that Santa brings us.
I have been naughty, I have let my team down because of personal business of craft shows and work. I have been naughty cause I haven't supported the store. I have been naughty because I haven't supported my fellow esmart members, Van (altho I did try to buy a dream catcher from him), Theresa who I owe a deep apology to and want to pay her back for what she did( I wish she would answer my email) Jamie for not saying a hearty congratulations to a position she well deserves, and for cutting her off yesterday while we were chatting (Well my daughter from NY called and we talked for an hour, then I took a nap) To Dani who thinks I am mad at her (who could be mad at someone who has such a lovable pet named Oscar) Helen who also deserves a hearty congrats on her position. Anna Lee who with love in her heart sent me SO many goodies and a Birthday present, I have not properly thanked her. My list goes on and on, I don't mean to be naughty, it just happens because , well it does.
I plan on working today (actually I am supposed to be at work now) loading the last beads that I made before I started doing craft shows. If you get a chance and are a bead person who needs the last min set to make a lovely piece of jewelry, please stop in to my Etlsy store and have a look. its
So we do have tons and tons of work and plan on being busy doing ot till sometime in January. If you don't see me, you know where am ....working.
Again a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all, and I hope your list was full of nice things you did and you get lots of goodies. I expect coal, which is of no use as I don't even have a wood stove to burn it in!

Happy Holidays!!!!!!


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Geesh Where Did The Year Go

Why I just remember like it was yesterday January 1st 2008. I made my New Years resolution and challenged myself to not write 2007 on my checks. I swear it was yesterday. Not, its now November and we have finally had a taste of the winter to come already. I HATE SNOW AND COLD!
I know I keep telling you how busy I am with work, making jewelry, posting and doing shows, but I just can't believe how hectic its been. There just does not seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish all I want to do. Of course if I didn't have to work and had a sugar daddy that would be the best thing for me.
Had a wonderful craft show yesterday, it was busy and the sales were good. Next weekend I have a 3 day craft show which I have been looking forward to, so I really need to crack the whip and make more things that I sold out on yesterday.
As you have heard by now we have a wonderful new shop that opened on Etsy. It is a separate shop from all the members of our eSMArts team. All the proceeds go to a worthy cause. I am asking that you please take a few minuets and take a stroll over and look at all the wonderful work and donations that have been sent to get the store going. More and more items are coming in daily, and I am sure that you will fine just the right gift. The link to the store is have a look
One of the members of our team has sent me a few of her hand quilted items. I am a lucky person to have received a wallet and a jewelry bag for traveling for quilter Tina Cowan. Tina also sent me a photo album of all her items she makes, and I gasped at the beauty of her work. I think you will really enjoy browsing her shop after you are done looking at the eSMArts Team shop. The link to Tina's shop is WOW
If you enjoy reading what our members on our team are doing you might want to check out the teams blog at
Have a great week and see you next week after my nap!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


We all go through life with friends that come into our life in one way or another. Some we know face to face, others we meet in strange places who fast become friends and then there are those who are lucky enough to have friends from when they were little. Oh and don't forget the friends we make on the Internet....
Recently I was able to learn just what friends mean to each other. The friends I am talking about have hearts bigger than Texas and a love to share with their fellow team members. I am speaking of the members of eSMARts. They have opened their hearts to help a friend in need. Mind you they have never met this person before but still they have opened their hearts to help someone in need.
This is not charity, this is friends helping friends and they want to continue helping anyone who needs help in any way. I am very proud to be a member of this team, and even prouder to support my friends in any way that I can
I will definitely write more about these amazing people in upcoming blogs, but for now, I ask that if you have a chance please take the time to visit the newly created esmarts .com store and make a purchase please to help in this great cause of "helping other people in need"

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Brrr Its getting Colder

Well Here it is October has 12 days left then comes the frosty November air and then.......
As usual I have been lax with posting to my blog. Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the days to do all I want to do. Like take this week, My son has a Dr appointment on Monday at 4:00pm and on Tuesday at 4:15pm. My work has finally consented to giving me a flat screen monitor so I need to exchange mine on Monday, which means that I have to make up the time out of office to travel there to get it and back. Don't know when I will make up the time as I also have a craft show on Saturday that I still need to prepare for.
Booked solid though December 14th with craft shows. I am loving every second of it and meet so many nice and interesting people. Yesterdays show was a little slow, but I made two new friends! That sometimes is better than selling anything!
Not to awful worried about the Christmas Holidays this year. There is no extra monies for gifts for anyone. I feel especially bad for my son who lives with me, as he has always looked forward to Christmas. This year we are about on the poverty level as I am sure everyone is, so we will just have a quiet day and not decorate the house or anything so as to not feel so bad.......
Counting on lots of overtime to supplement the monies I spent from my tax returns. Need to have enough to make the trip back to NY for my Sons wedding in May. so I am hoping my craft sales and Etsy sales go well so I don't have to dip into household monies to pay the business credit card. Going to have to do that this month as sales weren't great yesterday, and the monies I made from my last craft show last weekend were stolen before I had a chance to deposit them into the bank.
Oh on to happier notes I have been dabbling with wire wrapping, and will have 2 new necklaces to post in Etsy today. Gosh I don't know if I did it right, but I sure had fun trying to create something different! If you get a chance please check it out. Which also reminds me that I have some beads that I need to mail out...very very neglectful for me to not get them out as soon as I was paid for them. I wouldn't blame the person one bit if they blacklisted me on Etsy!
Well I need to make some items up for my next show and work on getting my excel program updated, here it is the end of the year almost, and I haven't put any information in yet. Well that's not quite true, I had the whole spreadsheet updated to 7/1/08 and forgot to save it, so I have to go back and reenter it all!

Till next time....happy blogging and good luck on your craft fairs.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

The seasons Have Changed

Oh yes, seasons have changed from the happy carefree days of summer to the snuggle in the house of fall and winter. Actually I prefer this time of year, its a great time to take a vacation, as well as clean and organize everything.
Something I really need to do. I have beads and findings all over the place and have trouble when I sit down to create things as I have a pile of beads set aside for earrings and necklaces etc which I use Sterling Silver on. I also have a pile of my seconds, you know the test beads and the ones that have a tiny bit too much glass on them. I use them to make cell phone lariats, key chains, jeans jewelry and little do dads. I don't use Sterling silver on these items, just the base metals.
My creations take place in my dining room, and to be honest I have so much laying around I am ashamed to take a picture of my work area. I have just plum run out of room as to where to put things.
Trying to get things organized has become a challenge and one I need to overcome quickly as I have 8 shows coming up in a row every weekend till December, then boom total let down as there is nothing. In one way that might be great, give me a chance to devote more time to marketing and my Etsy store and my website
Marketing is where I need the most help in, but I do have a wonderful team I belong to who is VERY supportive, and slowly I am getting ideas of how to promote myself and my shop and website. I am very proud to say that I am a PROUD member of Etsy eSMARts . Its the best.
Well enough ramblings for me now, I need to go create so beads on my minor torch so I can make up some more wonderful bead sets and then turn them into creations of beautiful jewelry.
Yes I am blowing my horn here, I have finally learned to accept the compliments I have received and believe in myself now as an artist. But first again, I need to find the torch and put away the glass I am not using currently....sigh
So till next blog....Happy Crafting!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Look into M5 Creations

Occasionally we as bloggers really don't know what to write about. I really am not a writer, but made a commitment to have a blog, so I need to think of different things to write about. Many of you know I belong to Etsy ( and have decide to expand my shop to not only include my lampwork beads but some of my created Jewelry pieces using my lampwork beads. I also belong to the MN Etsy street Team and The eSMARts Etsy Team where as I have mentioned before I ave learned so very much about marketing. Not only have I learned a lot, but found out there is tons more to learn. I have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people through this team and decided that for this blog I would highlight a fellow eSMARts member

Tina Cowan is the creator behind Just one look at her shop and I fell in love. Tina is a quilter, which is something I have secretly wanted to do, but really have no time to work another craft into my busy lifestyle.

I asked Tina if she would please share a little information about herself and she graciously obliged. Tina lives in sparks Nevada and mostly makes quilts that she has learned to do on her own. she has not taken quilting lessons and has no mentor to go to . Most of her love for her beautiful creations comes from Norman Rockwell; Monet and Kincaid although she admits they do not inspire her.

Tina gets most of her inspiration from Mother Nature, especially gardens, and it is easy to see this by her work. Many of her quilts and wall hangings are nature themes. She loves watching cartoons and browse the fabric stores for ideas to create new and exciting items such as table runners, clutches ,wall hangings and of course quilts, and usually does this when she has a creative block. she has felt that by doing this it sparks her creative juices again.

Creations for M5 Creative Corners comes from the living room which Tina says looks like a miniature factory! Her family stands behind what she does and is very proud of all of her creations.

Whenever talking with other artists we always ask for their advice for someone looking to make their own creations using this method. Tina says make sure you have 2 irons, it sure comes in handy especially when you have several projects going at one time. She has received advice from friends when she started and passed this on to me all your receipts, not only for income taxes, but for reorder of more of this material if needed, and they are great references when finding final costs. The favorite part of owning her own business is to be able to take a break whenever she wants, and her least favorite part is no one to answer to.

When Tina is ready to relax either by herself or with her family, she goes to her favorite restaurant and talks wit people.All her colors are her favorite, although she points out that she won't wear yellow on herself cause Big Bird would be mad. The color yellow does show up in her work as she loves colorful quilts and specifically concentrates on watercolor quilts ; stripes and curves.

The last thing I asked Tina was "If there were more hours in the day what would she be doing." Her response was "Good question, I'll take another break and eat another meal then go back to work!!!"

I enjoyed talking with Tina and exploring her shop. As I said it is a secrete dream for myself to create a quilt for my bed. I have all the material, just not the time to put a King size quilt together. I know you will be awe inspired if you take a trip over to look at her creations. Again please check Tina's shop out at http://
Hipe you enjoyed this look into another great crafter within our team. Please check back as I plan on interviewing other creative members.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summers End

Even though summer isn't officially over until September 21st, its sad to see the wonderful season come to an end. In Minnesota the season is very short, and before we know it the snow will be here. I am certain though we will have plenty of more warm days and then of course there is Indian Summer too.

I have been busy making jewelry for my next show next weekend. Trying to build a supply up so I don't have to be frantic before the next show comes along and I can make more beads. I torched for four hours today and it flew by so quick. would have torched longer but my back and neck started bothering me.

I have been trying to absorb as much information as I can from my wonderful Etsy eSMARts team and all the wonderful information that is posted on the site. I have been making up sets of ear rings from leftover beads and attached them to my business card. I now carry them in my purse in a small pouch, and have started handing them out to people who I see regularly as a means (I hope) of drumming up business for me and my website (etsy too).

We have some exciting things coming up in our team, Etsy is putting on a virtual Trunk Show. sounds like it might be fun, and a chance to sell live to customers. that part is a little scary to me, but help has been offered, so we shall see how it all will go.

Also trying to learn about semi precious stones, and have excellent guidance from Lois (realtychick), check her website out at she is such a great help to me, and is really guiding me in a number of ways. We placed and order together and I am so excited I can't wait till it comes. It's a surprise birthday present for someone, which I will tell about and show pictures after her birthday (she reads my blog).

So I think I have updated you on mostly everything, and I will try not to go so long between blog posts i promise.

Till next time~

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Well I Finally Did It

Thank you so much Hilde. I was able to follow some of the directions and now have a blog roll. A couple of more things I would like to add and change around, but will save that for another "lazy day" for me. Besides this old lady needs help. I want to do a feature on my shop, but can't remember how to add pictures to my blog sigh.....

Had a wonderful day yesterday, did a craft show with another of the MN Street Team I belong to.
Rachel Wright of did the show with me as my original partner backed out. Oh it was so hot, and we were right in the sun. I got really queasy after a while and had to go and find a shade spot under the tree. I really had a great time and got to know Rachel real well, but will be hesitant about doing an outside craft show again unless I have a tent with some walls to block the sun. Maybe if I can start selling something on etsy I can manage to buy one! Uh that's a hint fellow bloggers LOL just kidding. I didn't put up any of my beads, just my jewelry and my orphans. Sold quite a few orphans, so will be filling the orphan bucket also
Rachel sells Custom made scrapbooks. Her work is simply beautiful. she also knows how to talk to the customer and "sell her self" Something I know I need to learn. As I said I really enjoyed having Rachel as my partner and would love to do more shows with her.

Well I am off to list some beads on etsy and if I have time, set up a new etsy store for my jewelry. Have a great week and see you next blog!


Sunday, August 3, 2008

How people affect me

Last time I talked about being a hermit. That I am having trouble changing, but slowly its happening.

This time I would like to talk about "how people affect me" As I mentioned I belong to two Etsy street teams.I have a great rapport with quite a few of the people I met in eSMArts. My favorite place to hang out. I have learned so much there, my head is still spinning.
There are two people especially that I would love to talk about. The first one is She has some wonderful things in her shop and writes a wonderful blog. I am so impressed by the beauty of her items, a lot of wire wrapping and she has a love for gemstones. I have loved gemstones and often mix them with my jewelry that I make. In her two recent blogs she has spotlighted opals and labrodites that have become my favorites. So now I have everyone I talk to looking for places for me to buy gemstones.

She also confesses to still be living in the "dark ages" which I really find hard to believe! Here is a snippet of what she says about that..."To say I am old fashioned and behind the times, well, it's really not an insult to me. I take great pride in doing some things the old fashioned way."
There is some of her lovely jewelry to look at, but to get the full impact you should check out her sites. She also has a Blog list and hopefully you will be able to check out some of our fine artists
Here is her blog address, please check her out.

My other favorite person whom I mentioned in my last post is Anna Lee Husband. A person who is willing to help any one and everyone. I am a lucky person to have her as a friend. Anna Lee is the person who founded and created eSMARts. Anna Lee makes wonderful jewelry and has two websites on etsy. You will truly be amazed at the wonderful work. Here are her shop names-Gaholld tree Designs; Sassy D Lite and has also shared with us some of her wonderful gems at GaHoole Tree Supplies.

I could go on talking for hours about these two special friends, each have taken my hand and helped me in many many ways. P;ease check out their shops and blogs and see the amazing work they do.

www.whimsey.etsy dot com

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Meeting New People

I must tell you all that I am a hermit! I have a craft that I LOVE doing and try to spend as much time as I can on creating not only beads, but jewelry too. I am lucky enough to be able to work from home and have been doing so for almost three years now, its really great, I get up 20 mins beforeI need to be at the desk and walla my day begins. when I am done with work, I walk around the office desk and to the torch desk so I can create my beads. Then I go upstairs and sit in the dining room and create jewelry. Actually I don't have a dining room any more, its the jewelry room now. We eat in the living room in front of the "boob tube".

There does come a time that you need to break free of you old ways and reach out and meet some people. I guess I have been lucky to meet two other beaders in this large city I live in and have become very close to two people. They are Deb "Hopeful Journeys" and Julie, "emt.jmb" Julie got me out of my house last year and introduced me to doing craft fairs, so now I can say that I have finally taken the step this year and signed up for quite a few shows. I had a show today and let me tell you the old feeling came back this morning, and I almost didn't go. After all my time could be spent making more beads right? Well the little guy who sits on my right shoulder whispered in my ear---"go, you have already paid for your spot and you have the chance to sell" Guess he won and I must say I am glad that I did as I now have met another great person. Sierra Hegstrom. Sierra is just starting out as a matter of fact this was her first show. She started and Etsy store Maximo Joe, and is in the process of loading her goodies in. I got hooked on what she makes and I now am the proud owner of one of her creations.

Getting out into the world is not the only way to meet new and exciting people. being a member of Etsy ( I was lucky to find a local "Street Team" which I have joined. I met some wonderful people there, but unfortunately have not had the chance to meet them in person as yet, just Sierra and her friend Amy. Hopefully that will be remedied soon. As I was lurking on the Etsy forums one day, I love reading them , I came across another street team called "eSMARts" This was started by a wonderful Lady named AnnaLee who has a world of knowledge and freely shares it with everyone. Anna Lee has taken me under her wing and has guided me with so many many things. Certainly made my understanding of so many things, I can't begin to tell you! Not only is she knowledgeable, she is a very talented artist, and is even learning another craft to further enhance her two etsy shops. Please ,if you have a chance, or will make a chance visit her wonderful shops. You will be amazed at the wonderful work she does. You can find her at - and here is an inside look at her blog- And I also want to say she has become a great friend. I am blessed to have found her and the wonderful eSMARts team that has so many wonderful people on there, all whom I consider my friends (cyber buddies).

So to sum this up, Thanks to Julie who has gotten me out into the craft show circuit; a very special thank you to AnnaLee (be sure to check her shop and blog) and all the wonderful people from both teams, I guess I am a three quarters time hermit now!

Till my next ramblings....


Friday, July 18, 2008

Inspiration-Where does it come from?

Not being able to do the thing I love the most has inspired me to start a journal so that I have ideas of different beads I want to make. Most of my inspiration comes from a stroll through the garden. Such lovely flowers and different colors and shapes, oh so many ideas.
We have had some cool days with the wind blowing and I have created a cross ventilation and was able to make a couple of sets of beads. Some of them inspired from my journal. I hope to have them up in my etsy shop very soon. Here is the link to my etsy and don't forget to check out my website
I have been busy making jewelry and trying to get it photoed and on my website, and make stock for my up coming shows. Craft Shows are fun to do and you meet some really great people there to.
So back to the topic of my blog, "inspiration" Where do you find inspiration? Well as I said a stroll in the garden, and another favorite place is Target. Just strolling the clothes area and the Linens area, so many great colors and patterns. actually you can find inspiration everywhere you go, and sometimes you don't even have to look for it,its just right there.
I have joined a wonderful street team, eSMArts. I have met so many wonderful people and gained so much knowledge too. If you get a chance read the eSMArts blog at You will be introduced to some very talented artists , and who knows you might just find the one thing you really need!
Well that's all I have for today, will be back soon with more of an update. Till then enjoy the summer.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer is Here!!

Again I have been a long time in posting, but I really have a good excuse....I have been down with pneumonia which is really wiping me out. Got to get stronger as its back to work on Monday.
During my down time I have not done any torching at all. The biggest reason being I couldn't stop coughing, and the second reason I do not have proper ventilation. Oh I have the fan, but I don't have the finances to get someone to hook it up for me. So it looks like I will be not torching any more unless I can find a kind sole who will put the system in for me. Then again if I can sell the kiln and the concentrator I have I might be able to make enough to have someone put it up.
So I am going to start a small journal of inspirational ideas so that if and when I get back to torching I will have lots to pull from.
I have been busy doing chainmalle and the viking knit and making earrings and bracelets with the smaller beads that I have laying around. I have also created two necklaces and two bracelets and 3 sets of ear rings so far. Guess I am lucky to have so many beads laying around so I can still keep myself busy,
I have some more shows lined up for the fall/winter season and hoping that they all go really well. I need to compile a list of what shows and when I am doing them so that I can make a file for those who want to know
Ah but before I can do that I have to update my financial spreadsheet once again! I had it all updated to 5/31/08, and instead of saving it, I clicked out of it....Duh what was I thinking? So that is on the agenda to get done this week as the formula for the MN state tax needs to be changed as of 7/1/08. We now have to collect more taxes. I don't add taxes onto my goods, its just as easy for me to pay them then try and figure it out and then set the monies aside. so at the end of the year I just plug the figure in and let it tell me how much I owe.
So that's all the news for this time.
Hope you all enjoy your summer


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Craft Shows

Wow the summer will be here before we know it, and so will a lot of craft shows. I have found that I enjoy doing them a lot. Not only do you make some extra money, but you make friends too! I have met four people who I keep in touch with now and enjoy their company, and they enjoy my beads!!!
I did my first craft show in the beginning of May and took some pictures of my set up. Hopefully I will be able to figure out how to upload them here so you all can see. If not, I will figure it out and get them posted somehow.
I have been busy making beads and filling orders. Making a necklace, earrings and bracelet for the wedding I am attending this weekend. The Bride has also requested that I make a necklace, earrings and bracelet for her too! I am so excited that over 250 people will see my work.
Still looking for more ways to promote myself and my beads and jewelery. Its hard when you have a full time job and other things to take care of too.
another challenge I have is coming up with different ideas. Its easier in the summer as there are so many beautiful colorful flowers and shrubs that combinations come pretty easy. I guess I question what will the public like and what are their favorites. Hmmmm food for thought here why not send out a survey, I will have to think on that some more.
So stay tuned for pictures and my latest sets of beads to come out. also will be posting some new jewelry I have made on my website
So till the next time, enjoy and have a happy and safe summer and if you go on vacation may you have a wonderful time.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Where has the time gone?

I can't believe how long its been since I last posted. In the time passed, I have done a craft show, buried my favorite Aunt, and had a house fire that has caused considerable damage.

Its that time of year when everyone is busy with craft shows, garden work, weddings, bar-b-ques, and just having fun. I have a few more craft shows lined up for this summer, and a wedding in June so things will be busy here.

The weather can't make up its mind if its wants to be spring or fall. One day its 82 and the next day its in the low 60's. How are my beautiful plants that I planted going to grow? They will be so confused and want to hide their heads in the dirt. Well I know that in a couple of days or weeks I will be complaining that its "so hot". a hot weather person I am not, and a cold weather person I am not. there is no happy medium for me.

So I had better go and get busy making some more beads so that I can make some jewelry to post on my website. Please have a look if you have a chance to see what I have on my website. Its I also make up special orders if you have a wedding coming up and need to have gifts for your attendants, or for any special occasion, just let me know I am happy to do it for you.

So till next time, which I hope will be a lot sooner, enjoy the beautiful weather.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hooray we have Spring!!!!!

Time sure does fly by when you are working and creating with your craft (beads and jewelry). I have been busy with all, especially since I have my first craft show of the year coming up in two weeks at the Crystal Gallery Mall. Please if you get a chance be sure to stop and say hello.
Well as I said I have been busy with my crafts, and had to go to the bank which is located over near Ridgedale. While in the area I decided to go to Veberod Gem gallery as I needed a few supplies. Lets just say that was the wrong thing to do! I met the wonderful Ladies that run the place and talked about anything and everything for about two hours. Well when you are in that type of store, you can't help but chat things up a bit. Oh and now I have another new craft I would like to learn, its lapidary!!!! Yup I fell in love with the cabs and stones and so want to learn how to do that, and a few other things too....Boy my plate will be full
Currently i am working on Viking Knit and making a necklace and earrings. My beads fit on them great, so will be thinking about different combinations to make up. Also have been doing chain malle which I love too. I add my beads to the bracelets and earringsI have been making. Its so nice to see that Spring has finally made it here. While out getting the mail the other day I noticed I have some bulbs popping up!!! They need to be transplanted to the back garden though as they don't receive enough sunlight under the big tree. Have to get my son to dig them for me to transplant them. I am a little gun shy of putting things in the back garden as last year and the year before we were bothered by the "pocket gopher". He did a number on my back yard, and ate all my plants too. I am so glad he loved my Iris's that took 3 years to finally bloom. I was so happy to see them finally blooming and they were so very beautiful too. I got them from a co-worker, I traded some beads for some Iris bulbs. So sad, and now they are all gone.
Guess to be on the safe side I will just scatter some seeds and hope for the best. The only perennials that mr. pocket gopher didn't touch are my climbing rose bush and my regular rose bush. Everything else he ate GRRRR. You would think having a daughter working in a Nursery that I would have flowers and trees all over my yard. She is too busy to take time to send Mom some plants.
Well I need to get back to working on my jewelry as I will be a busy one this weekend I received two special orders for bead sets that I need to create and make. Hope you all have a wonderful week and until the next time......


Saturday, April 5, 2008


Mother nature has decided that even tho the calendar says spring, she is not done with winter yet! We had 6" of snow dumped on us this week. We are all hoping that was the last storm of the year, but time will tell.
I have been busy lately, not only with my day job, but also getting items ready for the craft shows that are coming up. My first one is next month in my City of Crystal. Its on May 3rd and 4th. I am looking forward to it and all the up and coming ones! I will l let you know when I will be doing a show again.
Funny how when it comes time for a craft show my house becomes a sea of beads, findings and all the trimmings I add to what I make. I love doing this craft, it really soothes the nerves! I have been blessed to have many online friends who are always willing to share knowledge and ideas to me to help me and my business grow.
I am a member of the MN Etsy Street Team and they have just started a challenge for us! The challenge is to do a random act of kindness and goodness. Something I participate in regularly in a forum I belong to. Boy does that make the heart feel good when you can do something to brighten someones day. Jenna from ArtisticEdit ion.etsy. com and TheCozyCorse tCuff.etsy. com
She is the one who came up with the challenge, oh if if you get a chance check out he shops. Really nice things in there. I have been thinking what I can do to join this challenge, hmm a rough one. I am sure something will come to mind. I did promise her that if she gave me a list of who is participating that I will put them in my blog for all to see who is participating.
I am going to try and get a little side show going of my Etsy store so that when you read my blog you can see what I do. But for now you can check out my Etsy store at http// Also you can check out my website at e and,on ebay at whimseypaint. And I can't forget the Just Beads site
Wow I sure have plastered my name all over here! I hope if you do check me out you find something you like!
So till next time, I am off to make more beads, and sure hope spring shows up at your house really soon.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Couple of Days of Thinking

Well its been a few days since my first blog writing, and I done some thinking about what I wanted to write about. I guess when you aren't used to doing this, its a real thought provoking thing.
Finding my way both around Minneapolis and around my life was not an easy challenge. The greatest thing about finding your way around town is that the streets are in Alpha order. Finding your way is not as easy. I did have the older brother to help when needed, but he couldn't help me find my way.
It took a few years to learn how to live without someone there to help when needed, and as my youngest approached teenage years I had that to battle with too. Well lets just say I learned a lot about fixing things, and being a single Mom.
Life finally settled down about six year ago and I was able to get back into a craft. My oldest son started his own business and built it into a very successful business as well. My daughter went back to school while raising two small children, she graduated with honors and glory (from me) with a degree in horticulture. Funny I always wondered why she wanted to play with dirt all the time.....She is now a General Manager for a Nursery in Oneonta N.Y. Asbury Gardens. So if you need some gardening advice just email her at She answers all the emails so no need to worry about who to address it to. Ray my youngest is still living with me, he had an accident in 1999 and has a brain injury from it. We are working on getting him into assisted living so that he can understand what independence is about.
As I said about six years ago things settled down into some sort of a nice routine, I was bored and wanted to do something. I got interested in stained glass, took all the classes I could then went crazy devoting all my free time making all sorts of things. I did really well, had a nice clientele, sold lots of pieces to my co workers too. Really loved doing it a lot, then I got interested in warm glass and began fusing and slumping. A whole new world opened up for me. There is nothing greater than putting a piece of flat glass in the kiln and have it come out in a shape! So many different things to make in the kiln as well as making all the great stained glass items, which were endless. Lamps, night lights, windows, sun catchers and the list goes on.
The knitting needles and crochet hooks and sewing machine are sitting in the closet, collecting dust...because of arthritic hands I can't knit or crochet any more, and I have no one to sew for.
Life is interesting and leads you down many many paths. I still hadn't found my true craft calling yet, but we will leave that for another time.
So until next time, and to get a hint of what I do, please check out my sites on Etsy-wilmaswhimsey; eBay-whimseypaint, Just Beads- wilmas whimseys and my website too
Until next time.....


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Just Getting Started

There has bee lots of talk about blogs lately on a group that I belong to, the MN ETSY Street Team. Me not being a blog person asked tons of questions, and boy did I get answers. What wonderful people in my group. I signed up for the blog and let it sit for a couple of days, then this morning while coming too consciousness, I thought about starting today. So here goes.
I am not sure about what the proper way to do this is, but at any rate, here is my thoughts on what I think a blog is.
I have never been much of a craft person, early in life I was busy raising 3 children, and heavens knows besides reading an occasional book, who had time for crafts! My Mom did teach me how to crochet, and I did make blankets galore, then mittens and hats for the kids and the local church I belonged to for the mitten tree. When my last child was born, there were about 15 of us who were having babies around the same time and we decided to form a mothers group. Now picture this,
I said 15 moms, but our town is no bigger than maybe 2500 people (35 kids in the graduating class when my kids graduated). So any way through this Mothers group, I met a few more people I didn't know, one of them was Valerie who was really into sewing. she got the bug into me, and then I started sewing everything. I made infant clothes for my newborn, sleepers for the older kids, shirts and dresses and yes even jeans. My kids loved wearing the clothes I created for them to school. Then I started on older people clothes, and made heavy weight flannel shirts for the men and silk blouses for the ladies. I used to go shopping and run home and hide my material so my husband wouldn't see it. I ordered material from all over the US. specifically for the kids. I sewed making everything, quilts as well as clothes, slipcovers etc and pretty soon people started bring repairs to me. Great way to earn extra money. Did a lot for the NY State Corrections Department as my ex husband was a prison guard and his co workers needed their pants altered in various ways. hen when I moved to MN all crafts stoped as I was busy with my new life trying to find my way.
For more of this interesting "how I got started" please join me again as I continue my story.
Thanks for reading and be sure to please check out my website www.wilmas-whimseys; ebay- whimseypaint; just beads- whimsey and of course Etsy- wilmaswhimseys . Hopefully with the guidance of my team members I will be able to start an esty mini so you can see some of my work. so till my next writing,,,,,,,,,,