Sunday, October 26, 2008


We all go through life with friends that come into our life in one way or another. Some we know face to face, others we meet in strange places who fast become friends and then there are those who are lucky enough to have friends from when they were little. Oh and don't forget the friends we make on the Internet....
Recently I was able to learn just what friends mean to each other. The friends I am talking about have hearts bigger than Texas and a love to share with their fellow team members. I am speaking of the members of eSMARts. They have opened their hearts to help a friend in need. Mind you they have never met this person before but still they have opened their hearts to help someone in need.
This is not charity, this is friends helping friends and they want to continue helping anyone who needs help in any way. I am very proud to be a member of this team, and even prouder to support my friends in any way that I can
I will definitely write more about these amazing people in upcoming blogs, but for now, I ask that if you have a chance please take the time to visit the newly created esmarts .com store and make a purchase please to help in this great cause of "helping other people in need"

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Brrr Its getting Colder

Well Here it is October has 12 days left then comes the frosty November air and then.......
As usual I have been lax with posting to my blog. Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the days to do all I want to do. Like take this week, My son has a Dr appointment on Monday at 4:00pm and on Tuesday at 4:15pm. My work has finally consented to giving me a flat screen monitor so I need to exchange mine on Monday, which means that I have to make up the time out of office to travel there to get it and back. Don't know when I will make up the time as I also have a craft show on Saturday that I still need to prepare for.
Booked solid though December 14th with craft shows. I am loving every second of it and meet so many nice and interesting people. Yesterdays show was a little slow, but I made two new friends! That sometimes is better than selling anything!
Not to awful worried about the Christmas Holidays this year. There is no extra monies for gifts for anyone. I feel especially bad for my son who lives with me, as he has always looked forward to Christmas. This year we are about on the poverty level as I am sure everyone is, so we will just have a quiet day and not decorate the house or anything so as to not feel so bad.......
Counting on lots of overtime to supplement the monies I spent from my tax returns. Need to have enough to make the trip back to NY for my Sons wedding in May. so I am hoping my craft sales and Etsy sales go well so I don't have to dip into household monies to pay the business credit card. Going to have to do that this month as sales weren't great yesterday, and the monies I made from my last craft show last weekend were stolen before I had a chance to deposit them into the bank.
Oh on to happier notes I have been dabbling with wire wrapping, and will have 2 new necklaces to post in Etsy today. Gosh I don't know if I did it right, but I sure had fun trying to create something different! If you get a chance please check it out. Which also reminds me that I have some beads that I need to mail out...very very neglectful for me to not get them out as soon as I was paid for them. I wouldn't blame the person one bit if they blacklisted me on Etsy!
Well I need to make some items up for my next show and work on getting my excel program updated, here it is the end of the year almost, and I haven't put any information in yet. Well that's not quite true, I had the whole spreadsheet updated to 7/1/08 and forgot to save it, so I have to go back and reenter it all!

Till next time....happy blogging and good luck on your craft fairs.