Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summers End

Even though summer isn't officially over until September 21st, its sad to see the wonderful season come to an end. In Minnesota the season is very short, and before we know it the snow will be here. I am certain though we will have plenty of more warm days and then of course there is Indian Summer too.

I have been busy making jewelry for my next show next weekend. Trying to build a supply up so I don't have to be frantic before the next show comes along and I can make more beads. I torched for four hours today and it flew by so quick. would have torched longer but my back and neck started bothering me.

I have been trying to absorb as much information as I can from my wonderful Etsy eSMARts team and all the wonderful information that is posted on the site. I have been making up sets of ear rings from leftover beads and attached them to my business card. I now carry them in my purse in a small pouch, and have started handing them out to people who I see regularly as a means (I hope) of drumming up business for me and my website (etsy too).

We have some exciting things coming up in our team, Etsy is putting on a virtual Trunk Show. sounds like it might be fun, and a chance to sell live to customers. that part is a little scary to me, but help has been offered, so we shall see how it all will go.

Also trying to learn about semi precious stones, and have excellent guidance from Lois (realtychick), check her website out at she is such a great help to me, and is really guiding me in a number of ways. We placed and order together and I am so excited I can't wait till it comes. It's a surprise birthday present for someone, which I will tell about and show pictures after her birthday (she reads my blog).

So I think I have updated you on mostly everything, and I will try not to go so long between blog posts i promise.

Till next time~

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Well I Finally Did It

Thank you so much Hilde. I was able to follow some of the directions and now have a blog roll. A couple of more things I would like to add and change around, but will save that for another "lazy day" for me. Besides this old lady needs help. I want to do a feature on my shop, but can't remember how to add pictures to my blog sigh.....

Had a wonderful day yesterday, did a craft show with another of the MN Street Team I belong to.
Rachel Wright of did the show with me as my original partner backed out. Oh it was so hot, and we were right in the sun. I got really queasy after a while and had to go and find a shade spot under the tree. I really had a great time and got to know Rachel real well, but will be hesitant about doing an outside craft show again unless I have a tent with some walls to block the sun. Maybe if I can start selling something on etsy I can manage to buy one! Uh that's a hint fellow bloggers LOL just kidding. I didn't put up any of my beads, just my jewelry and my orphans. Sold quite a few orphans, so will be filling the orphan bucket also
Rachel sells Custom made scrapbooks. Her work is simply beautiful. she also knows how to talk to the customer and "sell her self" Something I know I need to learn. As I said I really enjoyed having Rachel as my partner and would love to do more shows with her.

Well I am off to list some beads on etsy and if I have time, set up a new etsy store for my jewelry. Have a great week and see you next blog!


Sunday, August 3, 2008

How people affect me

Last time I talked about being a hermit. That I am having trouble changing, but slowly its happening.

This time I would like to talk about "how people affect me" As I mentioned I belong to two Etsy street teams.I have a great rapport with quite a few of the people I met in eSMArts. My favorite place to hang out. I have learned so much there, my head is still spinning.
There are two people especially that I would love to talk about. The first one is She has some wonderful things in her shop and writes a wonderful blog. I am so impressed by the beauty of her items, a lot of wire wrapping and she has a love for gemstones. I have loved gemstones and often mix them with my jewelry that I make. In her two recent blogs she has spotlighted opals and labrodites that have become my favorites. So now I have everyone I talk to looking for places for me to buy gemstones.

She also confesses to still be living in the "dark ages" which I really find hard to believe! Here is a snippet of what she says about that..."To say I am old fashioned and behind the times, well, it's really not an insult to me. I take great pride in doing some things the old fashioned way."
There is some of her lovely jewelry to look at, but to get the full impact you should check out her sites. She also has a Blog list and hopefully you will be able to check out some of our fine artists
Here is her blog address, please check her out.

My other favorite person whom I mentioned in my last post is Anna Lee Husband. A person who is willing to help any one and everyone. I am a lucky person to have her as a friend. Anna Lee is the person who founded and created eSMARts. Anna Lee makes wonderful jewelry and has two websites on etsy. You will truly be amazed at the wonderful work. Here are her shop names-Gaholld tree Designs; Sassy D Lite and has also shared with us some of her wonderful gems at GaHoole Tree Supplies.

I could go on talking for hours about these two special friends, each have taken my hand and helped me in many many ways. P;ease check out their shops and blogs and see the amazing work they do.

www.whimsey.etsy dot com