Sunday, September 28, 2008

The seasons Have Changed

Oh yes, seasons have changed from the happy carefree days of summer to the snuggle in the house of fall and winter. Actually I prefer this time of year, its a great time to take a vacation, as well as clean and organize everything.
Something I really need to do. I have beads and findings all over the place and have trouble when I sit down to create things as I have a pile of beads set aside for earrings and necklaces etc which I use Sterling Silver on. I also have a pile of my seconds, you know the test beads and the ones that have a tiny bit too much glass on them. I use them to make cell phone lariats, key chains, jeans jewelry and little do dads. I don't use Sterling silver on these items, just the base metals.
My creations take place in my dining room, and to be honest I have so much laying around I am ashamed to take a picture of my work area. I have just plum run out of room as to where to put things.
Trying to get things organized has become a challenge and one I need to overcome quickly as I have 8 shows coming up in a row every weekend till December, then boom total let down as there is nothing. In one way that might be great, give me a chance to devote more time to marketing and my Etsy store and my website
Marketing is where I need the most help in, but I do have a wonderful team I belong to who is VERY supportive, and slowly I am getting ideas of how to promote myself and my shop and website. I am very proud to say that I am a PROUD member of Etsy eSMARts . Its the best.
Well enough ramblings for me now, I need to go create so beads on my minor torch so I can make up some more wonderful bead sets and then turn them into creations of beautiful jewelry.
Yes I am blowing my horn here, I have finally learned to accept the compliments I have received and believe in myself now as an artist. But first again, I need to find the torch and put away the glass I am not using currently....sigh
So till next blog....Happy Crafting!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Look into M5 Creations

Occasionally we as bloggers really don't know what to write about. I really am not a writer, but made a commitment to have a blog, so I need to think of different things to write about. Many of you know I belong to Etsy ( and have decide to expand my shop to not only include my lampwork beads but some of my created Jewelry pieces using my lampwork beads. I also belong to the MN Etsy street Team and The eSMARts Etsy Team where as I have mentioned before I ave learned so very much about marketing. Not only have I learned a lot, but found out there is tons more to learn. I have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people through this team and decided that for this blog I would highlight a fellow eSMARts member

Tina Cowan is the creator behind Just one look at her shop and I fell in love. Tina is a quilter, which is something I have secretly wanted to do, but really have no time to work another craft into my busy lifestyle.

I asked Tina if she would please share a little information about herself and she graciously obliged. Tina lives in sparks Nevada and mostly makes quilts that she has learned to do on her own. she has not taken quilting lessons and has no mentor to go to . Most of her love for her beautiful creations comes from Norman Rockwell; Monet and Kincaid although she admits they do not inspire her.

Tina gets most of her inspiration from Mother Nature, especially gardens, and it is easy to see this by her work. Many of her quilts and wall hangings are nature themes. She loves watching cartoons and browse the fabric stores for ideas to create new and exciting items such as table runners, clutches ,wall hangings and of course quilts, and usually does this when she has a creative block. she has felt that by doing this it sparks her creative juices again.

Creations for M5 Creative Corners comes from the living room which Tina says looks like a miniature factory! Her family stands behind what she does and is very proud of all of her creations.

Whenever talking with other artists we always ask for their advice for someone looking to make their own creations using this method. Tina says make sure you have 2 irons, it sure comes in handy especially when you have several projects going at one time. She has received advice from friends when she started and passed this on to me all your receipts, not only for income taxes, but for reorder of more of this material if needed, and they are great references when finding final costs. The favorite part of owning her own business is to be able to take a break whenever she wants, and her least favorite part is no one to answer to.

When Tina is ready to relax either by herself or with her family, she goes to her favorite restaurant and talks wit people.All her colors are her favorite, although she points out that she won't wear yellow on herself cause Big Bird would be mad. The color yellow does show up in her work as she loves colorful quilts and specifically concentrates on watercolor quilts ; stripes and curves.

The last thing I asked Tina was "If there were more hours in the day what would she be doing." Her response was "Good question, I'll take another break and eat another meal then go back to work!!!"

I enjoyed talking with Tina and exploring her shop. As I said it is a secrete dream for myself to create a quilt for my bed. I have all the material, just not the time to put a King size quilt together. I know you will be awe inspired if you take a trip over to look at her creations. Again please check Tina's shop out at http://
Hipe you enjoyed this look into another great crafter within our team. Please check back as I plan on interviewing other creative members.