Friday, December 11, 2009

Wow where has the time gone?

I can not beleive that the year is over already, well almost. For me it has been a quick one as I have not been at a real job since January 7th 2009. The year really flew for me. Of course it gave me time to reflect on what I want to do with my life now. Looking for and finding a job is hard work, especially in todays economy. so now I am faced with what to do with the rest of my life!
Of course I can opt for an early retirement and hope to pick up some part time job to hold me over; and of course I can work on what I love doing most in life, my lampwork and jewelry making. The ideal situation would be to find a couple wholesale accounts that would keep me very busy, but have no idea where to find such a great venture.
Will be diving into my website and adding and changing a few things for sure. If you need a last second gift idea, please check my website out.
Hoping everyone has a very prosperous and Happy New Year, and may the economy leap upwards during 2010 and all our wishes come true! so till next year

Happy Holidays