Saturday, July 26, 2008

Meeting New People

I must tell you all that I am a hermit! I have a craft that I LOVE doing and try to spend as much time as I can on creating not only beads, but jewelry too. I am lucky enough to be able to work from home and have been doing so for almost three years now, its really great, I get up 20 mins beforeI need to be at the desk and walla my day begins. when I am done with work, I walk around the office desk and to the torch desk so I can create my beads. Then I go upstairs and sit in the dining room and create jewelry. Actually I don't have a dining room any more, its the jewelry room now. We eat in the living room in front of the "boob tube".

There does come a time that you need to break free of you old ways and reach out and meet some people. I guess I have been lucky to meet two other beaders in this large city I live in and have become very close to two people. They are Deb "Hopeful Journeys" and Julie, "emt.jmb" Julie got me out of my house last year and introduced me to doing craft fairs, so now I can say that I have finally taken the step this year and signed up for quite a few shows. I had a show today and let me tell you the old feeling came back this morning, and I almost didn't go. After all my time could be spent making more beads right? Well the little guy who sits on my right shoulder whispered in my ear---"go, you have already paid for your spot and you have the chance to sell" Guess he won and I must say I am glad that I did as I now have met another great person. Sierra Hegstrom. Sierra is just starting out as a matter of fact this was her first show. She started and Etsy store Maximo Joe, and is in the process of loading her goodies in. I got hooked on what she makes and I now am the proud owner of one of her creations.

Getting out into the world is not the only way to meet new and exciting people. being a member of Etsy ( I was lucky to find a local "Street Team" which I have joined. I met some wonderful people there, but unfortunately have not had the chance to meet them in person as yet, just Sierra and her friend Amy. Hopefully that will be remedied soon. As I was lurking on the Etsy forums one day, I love reading them , I came across another street team called "eSMARts" This was started by a wonderful Lady named AnnaLee who has a world of knowledge and freely shares it with everyone. Anna Lee has taken me under her wing and has guided me with so many many things. Certainly made my understanding of so many things, I can't begin to tell you! Not only is she knowledgeable, she is a very talented artist, and is even learning another craft to further enhance her two etsy shops. Please ,if you have a chance, or will make a chance visit her wonderful shops. You will be amazed at the wonderful work she does. You can find her at - and here is an inside look at her blog- And I also want to say she has become a great friend. I am blessed to have found her and the wonderful eSMARts team that has so many wonderful people on there, all whom I consider my friends (cyber buddies).

So to sum this up, Thanks to Julie who has gotten me out into the craft show circuit; a very special thank you to AnnaLee (be sure to check her shop and blog) and all the wonderful people from both teams, I guess I am a three quarters time hermit now!

Till my next ramblings....


Friday, July 18, 2008

Inspiration-Where does it come from?

Not being able to do the thing I love the most has inspired me to start a journal so that I have ideas of different beads I want to make. Most of my inspiration comes from a stroll through the garden. Such lovely flowers and different colors and shapes, oh so many ideas.
We have had some cool days with the wind blowing and I have created a cross ventilation and was able to make a couple of sets of beads. Some of them inspired from my journal. I hope to have them up in my etsy shop very soon. Here is the link to my etsy and don't forget to check out my website
I have been busy making jewelry and trying to get it photoed and on my website, and make stock for my up coming shows. Craft Shows are fun to do and you meet some really great people there to.
So back to the topic of my blog, "inspiration" Where do you find inspiration? Well as I said a stroll in the garden, and another favorite place is Target. Just strolling the clothes area and the Linens area, so many great colors and patterns. actually you can find inspiration everywhere you go, and sometimes you don't even have to look for it,its just right there.
I have joined a wonderful street team, eSMArts. I have met so many wonderful people and gained so much knowledge too. If you get a chance read the eSMArts blog at You will be introduced to some very talented artists , and who knows you might just find the one thing you really need!
Well that's all I have for today, will be back soon with more of an update. Till then enjoy the summer.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer is Here!!

Again I have been a long time in posting, but I really have a good excuse....I have been down with pneumonia which is really wiping me out. Got to get stronger as its back to work on Monday.
During my down time I have not done any torching at all. The biggest reason being I couldn't stop coughing, and the second reason I do not have proper ventilation. Oh I have the fan, but I don't have the finances to get someone to hook it up for me. So it looks like I will be not torching any more unless I can find a kind sole who will put the system in for me. Then again if I can sell the kiln and the concentrator I have I might be able to make enough to have someone put it up.
So I am going to start a small journal of inspirational ideas so that if and when I get back to torching I will have lots to pull from.
I have been busy doing chainmalle and the viking knit and making earrings and bracelets with the smaller beads that I have laying around. I have also created two necklaces and two bracelets and 3 sets of ear rings so far. Guess I am lucky to have so many beads laying around so I can still keep myself busy,
I have some more shows lined up for the fall/winter season and hoping that they all go really well. I need to compile a list of what shows and when I am doing them so that I can make a file for those who want to know
Ah but before I can do that I have to update my financial spreadsheet once again! I had it all updated to 5/31/08, and instead of saving it, I clicked out of it....Duh what was I thinking? So that is on the agenda to get done this week as the formula for the MN state tax needs to be changed as of 7/1/08. We now have to collect more taxes. I don't add taxes onto my goods, its just as easy for me to pay them then try and figure it out and then set the monies aside. so at the end of the year I just plug the figure in and let it tell me how much I owe.
So that's all the news for this time.
Hope you all enjoy your summer