Sunday, August 17, 2008

Well I Finally Did It

Thank you so much Hilde. I was able to follow some of the directions and now have a blog roll. A couple of more things I would like to add and change around, but will save that for another "lazy day" for me. Besides this old lady needs help. I want to do a feature on my shop, but can't remember how to add pictures to my blog sigh.....

Had a wonderful day yesterday, did a craft show with another of the MN Street Team I belong to.
Rachel Wright of did the show with me as my original partner backed out. Oh it was so hot, and we were right in the sun. I got really queasy after a while and had to go and find a shade spot under the tree. I really had a great time and got to know Rachel real well, but will be hesitant about doing an outside craft show again unless I have a tent with some walls to block the sun. Maybe if I can start selling something on etsy I can manage to buy one! Uh that's a hint fellow bloggers LOL just kidding. I didn't put up any of my beads, just my jewelry and my orphans. Sold quite a few orphans, so will be filling the orphan bucket also
Rachel sells Custom made scrapbooks. Her work is simply beautiful. she also knows how to talk to the customer and "sell her self" Something I know I need to learn. As I said I really enjoyed having Rachel as my partner and would love to do more shows with her.

Well I am off to list some beads on etsy and if I have time, set up a new etsy store for my jewelry. Have a great week and see you next blog!



A Beaded Affair said...

Terrific. You are really off and running now. Schedule that next show now with Rachel. Next addition is pictures and your etsy mini. You will get it. Congrats on the show. Glad it was fun. I'm doing my first craft show in September. Can't wait.

MyGemStoneBox by Diane said...

Good for you Wilma! Glad you had a nice time. Shows in the sun can be draining. Hope you kept up on the water intake.

Excited to hear about a new stopping you now is there! Good luck.

Wezz said...

Glad I could help you, Wilma! The blog is coming along nicely and you'll figure out all the bells and whistles in no time, I'm sure! Wish they'd do shows like that here. And having someone with a different craft to join you is always a bonus IMHO!

Dani said...

Hi Wilma~!

I'm glad you found a little break from the sun. I do a show once a month at the art center in San Angelo and all of the visiting artists are set up outside. South Texas art shows can be brutal in the summer so I know how miserable it can be sometimes. And having fun is always a good thing, eh?~!
If you do invest in a canopy or tent for outside shows, be sure to get one with a canvas type top. It blocks out the sun so much better than a nylon or more sheer material. Have an awesome day~!


KimberlyRies said...

Way to go Wilma on your blogroll and your recent show. You are making great progress!


Kelly said...

your blog looks great, wilma! and if you are on blogger, it isn't too tricky to add pictures. once you have gone to the dashboard and selected the "new post" button, if you look up at the toolbar you will see an icon of a photograph (it is next to the spell check button and the add video button). click it, find the image you want from your computer, and select "upload image"...that's it! i hope that helps!

Empress Kateri said...

Your blog looks great!
And yeah, those outdoors shows can be brutal!
Good luck


Kat said...

Yeay for blogrolls :)
Where was this show you did?


Anonymous said...

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