Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy New Year

Wishing all my friends and their families a very Happy and prosperous New year.
Its going to be hard to remember to write 2009 now. Every year I have a little contest with myself to see how long it takes me before I mess up and write the wrong year!!!! Great fun, last year I got through to March!
We have been hit very hard with lots of snow so far this year, and they are calling for more tonight. why does it have to snow when you have to drive into work? I had my one day of rest this week, Christmas day, and now we are on the mandatory overtime. they are offering to those who wish to work 10 hours on Sunday so that we have fulfilled our obligation. I have already worked 25 hours ot this week so far, so lets see how many I can put in for the new week which starts tomorrow.
We had a wonderful and very quiet Christmas, kind of tough being away from the ones you love and care about, but at least we talked with them and I pictured myself sitting in front of their tree with a nice cup of hot cocoa.
I hope Santa was good to all of you and you got what you really wanted. I love hearing what everyone got, so feel free to share.
I got Ray (my son) a handmade , 50 x 60 double sided Homer Simpson and family fleece blanket, which has disappeared into his room! It was the best gift he received so he said! Thank you Sue from Cozy Covers.
So now its on to a New Years resolution....hmm have some thinking to do before Midnight 12/31/08..
Again happy New Year Everyone!


Krishell said...

Happy New Year!! Let's be great in 2009. : )

Wilma said...

YES We shall all be great in 2009!
Happy New Year my friend