Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Have been Featured

Recently I sold a set of beads to a customer, and the day she received them she sent me a Thank You note and mentioned that she was going to write about me in her blog. I was very pleased that Lisa Crone would want to feature me in her blog. Much to my surprise she included her blog address for me to check out. On Friday I received another note from Lisa telling me she had made a bracelet from my beads and gave me her blog link again

This is the finished bracelet she made for her friend who was on her way to Costa Rico. She really knows how to bring out the highlights of the colors of the bead that I made, and also she made me very happy that she choose to blog about her creation and mentioning whom she got the Universe Beads from. Lisa is a very talented artist, and has very interesting items on her blog as well as new items she is making daily. If you get a chance please pop over and read her blogs and leave her a comment. Thank you Lisa for "showcasing" my work. Read her blogs here http:/ Definitely worth the read.


Anonymous said...

I read her post about your beads and wanted to say how wonderful it was to read about the creations of someone I know! And, she also posted the pic of the bracelet she made with these beads! Congratulations on someone recognizing your stunning work! Teri

Lisa said...

Hi Wilma! I wanted to let you know that my editor at F&W media picked up on my recent blog about chokers and featured the choker I made with your universe bead in their mycraftivity newsletter. I thought that was nice and pretty cool too. Just wanted to let you know.Hope all is well! Lisa C.