Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Found a site for Jump Rings

I have recently started doing chain malle,and was looking for the larger chunkier sized rings to make into a mans bracelet. Well I somehow mentioned my search to WWJ (Wire Wrapped Jewelry site) Shelly, a member and a moderator of the site, said that they have just started making rings for sale. Lo and behold, I told her what I wanted, and Shelly kept in touch with me while they were being made and then contacted me and told me when they were being shipped.I got such great service from her that I just had to share. They are also making rings in parawire so that we can get creative with our styles (WOO HOO) A sample of what they are making was included in my order, and they made SQUARE jump rings!!!! How cool is that. She sent enough that I made a pair of earrings out of them! Guess I have to say I highly rec commend them for buying jumprings and they are very accommodating to making what you want. I will be getting ALL my rings from Shelly (Tortoise Treasures )A special thank you Shelly and Don for such great service.
If you would like to buy from them, as they are expanding their line of what they carry, contact Shelly at; You won't be sorry!
After my project is created, I will show you what I made.....


ChezChani said...

I contemplated doing chainmaille for some time. I bought some cheap copper jump rings to test it out and made almost enough for a whole bracelet and then never finished it. I guess it just didn't hook me this time around, which is fine, I'm busy enough w/the beading. But I may get back to it and I'll know where to go for my jumprings. Thanks for sharing.

A Beaded Affair said...

Excellent Wilma. Good service is a gold mine. Can't wait to see the pictures of your work.