Monday, March 30, 2009

Where Do I Go

I have often wondered where my "hobby" will take me, and can't seem to come up with any solid answers. So I started asking myself some questions. what do you like to do? Make lampwork beads. Anything else? Make jewelry from my creations. And? dabble in other forms of jewelry making such as wire wrapping, chainmalle, vikingknit, use gemstones in my creations. Thats as far as I got.

I love working with my hands and creating, but am not sure if I need to focus on one specific thing, or if I should just continue doing what I like best, which is all of the above. Decisions, decisions decisions! I know when I do create something I get overjoyed that "I made that", but when I look at other artists work, I wonder "how do my pieces fit in the scheme of things?

Each artists tries to compare themselves with other artists, and then the process begins...well their work is better than mine. Self doubts again. So since I can't decide which way to go or what to create any more, I think I will continue with what I am doing and hope that someone sees it and falls in love with it and wants to buy it. Ah the dream of an artist.

Even with asking myself the questions I still have not decided on a "signature" piece as yet, and decided to just keep creating what comes to my mind as I look at my leftover beads that are just begging for me to make them into something. So now I need to get busy making more lampwork beads to sell so that I can buy the supplies I need to create these ideas in my head. sounds like a plan to me. And again I am no further now with "what I want to create" then when I began this blog post.

My "creations " can be seen on my website; and my beads can be bought from, or from my website where I always list them first. I may not be in the same league as the other artists I know, but I can say that I am happy with what I create. So back to the torch for me to make more beads and hope they sell so I can buy the items I need to create more!!!


ChezChani said...

I know what you mean. I make jewelry that I want to make, that I'm inspired to make, that I have fun making. But as a business, is this the best way to go? Shouldn't I focus more on making things that will push my business forward? Then again, if I'm making things only for that reason, won't the work itself suffer? I don't know.

Mary Anne Gruen said...

I've done plenty of lurking on several lists as I began doing this. And the thing I've read over and over again is that you have to find "your" style. That if you love what you do, it will come through in your work. But if you try and do something because you think you "should," the work won't be as good.

Speaking as a writer, that means you should follows "The Muse." And you do that by following your heart and instincts. Every time you find yourself drawn to certain colors or types of bead, you're hearing The Muse's clarion call. Follow her and don't worry about what anyone else is doing. The Muse has a separate job for those other people.

Wilma, it takes lots of creativity to do what you do. You're firing up a torch and melting glass from nothing into something. That's a very powerful image! I think you're very much on the right track for you.

I mix stuff together that's been made by other people. But still, my style is developing into something very sparkly and generally theatrical with lots of dangles. No doubt about it, I'm theatrical, so I figure I'm on the right track.

Does following your heart guarantee that you'll be successful in business? No. But it will make you unique. And that will make you stand out. And that's ultimately what we all need to do.

Also don't forget that there's a serious recession going on right now. So you probably won't be selling as much for a bit. Don't second guess yourself. Follow The Muse. She knows best.

Anonymous said...

Wilma, I've seen how your work has grown and how much you have branched out from strictly lampworking to using your creations in your own designs. I'm not sure the journey of our craft has to have any "end" point! The wire wrapped pendant in the blog post is terrif! Teri

Jewelry Elegance by jill said...

Loved this blog post! Much said here are my feelings regarding my creations and where I will go and grow. I believe that I still have so much to learn, and need to truly need to find my muse. There are many techniques I still wish to learn, lampwork being one of them. Just need to find the time and money for the tools and supplies. But I will continue to create, for creating seems to give me an inner peace.

A Beaded Affair said...

What a viscious circle we find ourselves in. Buy, create, sell, buy, create, sell....on and on. Problem is the most satisfying part gets the least attention. "sigh"

ps Keep looking for that signature piece. You will find it. It will jump up and hit you in the head all of a sudden.

Radka said...

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