Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer is Here!!

Again I have been a long time in posting, but I really have a good excuse....I have been down with pneumonia which is really wiping me out. Got to get stronger as its back to work on Monday.
During my down time I have not done any torching at all. The biggest reason being I couldn't stop coughing, and the second reason I do not have proper ventilation. Oh I have the fan, but I don't have the finances to get someone to hook it up for me. So it looks like I will be not torching any more unless I can find a kind sole who will put the system in for me. Then again if I can sell the kiln and the concentrator I have I might be able to make enough to have someone put it up.
So I am going to start a small journal of inspirational ideas so that if and when I get back to torching I will have lots to pull from.
I have been busy doing chainmalle and the viking knit and making earrings and bracelets with the smaller beads that I have laying around. I have also created two necklaces and two bracelets and 3 sets of ear rings so far. Guess I am lucky to have so many beads laying around so I can still keep myself busy,
I have some more shows lined up for the fall/winter season and hoping that they all go really well. I need to compile a list of what shows and when I am doing them so that I can make a file for those who want to know
Ah but before I can do that I have to update my financial spreadsheet once again! I had it all updated to 5/31/08, and instead of saving it, I clicked out of it....Duh what was I thinking? So that is on the agenda to get done this week as the formula for the MN state tax needs to be changed as of 7/1/08. We now have to collect more taxes. I don't add taxes onto my goods, its just as easy for me to pay them then try and figure it out and then set the monies aside. so at the end of the year I just plug the figure in and let it tell me how much I owe.
So that's all the news for this time.
Hope you all enjoy your summer



Jan-Ra said...

Hi Wilma!! I should have been aware of your blog but I wasn't. I found this post today because I have a Google Alert for "viking knitting." How is that going? I'd sure love to see something some time.

About MN sales tax. I couldn't bear the ugly surprise of how much money I owe the state, so I calculate tax on each sale and regularly set aside that money in a savings account. Of course, I do many more shows than you so this amount is getting to be significant.

Jan Raven (

BluMoon said...

Hi Wilma, very nice blog I am with the eSmarts team!

Anna Lee said...

Hi Wilma! Make your etsy mini, copy the code and paste it here. Build Your Etsy Mini is in Your Etsy at the very bottom of the left sidebar. First though, create a section (html section) in your blog sidebar. Then paste the code there.

Anonymous said...

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