Friday, July 18, 2008

Inspiration-Where does it come from?

Not being able to do the thing I love the most has inspired me to start a journal so that I have ideas of different beads I want to make. Most of my inspiration comes from a stroll through the garden. Such lovely flowers and different colors and shapes, oh so many ideas.
We have had some cool days with the wind blowing and I have created a cross ventilation and was able to make a couple of sets of beads. Some of them inspired from my journal. I hope to have them up in my etsy shop very soon. Here is the link to my etsy and don't forget to check out my website
I have been busy making jewelry and trying to get it photoed and on my website, and make stock for my up coming shows. Craft Shows are fun to do and you meet some really great people there to.
So back to the topic of my blog, "inspiration" Where do you find inspiration? Well as I said a stroll in the garden, and another favorite place is Target. Just strolling the clothes area and the Linens area, so many great colors and patterns. actually you can find inspiration everywhere you go, and sometimes you don't even have to look for it,its just right there.
I have joined a wonderful street team, eSMArts. I have met so many wonderful people and gained so much knowledge too. If you get a chance read the eSMArts blog at You will be introduced to some very talented artists , and who knows you might just find the one thing you really need!
Well that's all I have for today, will be back soon with more of an update. Till then enjoy the summer.



KimberlyRies said...

Hi Wilma,

It was interesting to read about how you find you inspiration nature and flowers. I had to chuckle when I read that you find inspiration at Target also. My husband complains about the time I spend at Target. I will have to tell him I am looking for inspiration, versus shopping!

mygemstonebox said...

Hi Wilma,
How true your post is on comes from all around us (even from Target!). I hope you enjoy your time with eSMArts as much as I do. So many wonderful and talented artists.

ChezChani said...

In my last job I didn't have much to do but stand around watching the people. I got inspiration from their clothes. That's how I came up with the argyle pattern for one of my bracelets. And the plaids.

Anonymous said...

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