Sunday, November 9, 2008

Geesh Where Did The Year Go

Why I just remember like it was yesterday January 1st 2008. I made my New Years resolution and challenged myself to not write 2007 on my checks. I swear it was yesterday. Not, its now November and we have finally had a taste of the winter to come already. I HATE SNOW AND COLD!
I know I keep telling you how busy I am with work, making jewelry, posting and doing shows, but I just can't believe how hectic its been. There just does not seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish all I want to do. Of course if I didn't have to work and had a sugar daddy that would be the best thing for me.
Had a wonderful craft show yesterday, it was busy and the sales were good. Next weekend I have a 3 day craft show which I have been looking forward to, so I really need to crack the whip and make more things that I sold out on yesterday.
As you have heard by now we have a wonderful new shop that opened on Etsy. It is a separate shop from all the members of our eSMArts team. All the proceeds go to a worthy cause. I am asking that you please take a few minuets and take a stroll over and look at all the wonderful work and donations that have been sent to get the store going. More and more items are coming in daily, and I am sure that you will fine just the right gift. The link to the store is have a look
One of the members of our team has sent me a few of her hand quilted items. I am a lucky person to have received a wallet and a jewelry bag for traveling for quilter Tina Cowan. Tina also sent me a photo album of all her items she makes, and I gasped at the beauty of her work. I think you will really enjoy browsing her shop after you are done looking at the eSMArts Team shop. The link to Tina's shop is WOW
If you enjoy reading what our members on our team are doing you might want to check out the teams blog at
Have a great week and see you next week after my nap!


ChezChani said...

It does go faster and faster, doesn't it? Glad your show went well and I know your next one will too. There's much less disposable income to go around but people always need a few pretty things to brighten up their days.

Jamie said...

Good luck at your next show! You shouldn't have any problems getting sales!

Creations by JAE

MyGemStoneBox by Diane said...

Hi Wilma,
Glad to hear your show went well. So much to do, so little time...and it does seem to go faster the older one gets...go figure?? Best, D

Anna Lee H. in Toronto said...

So glad to hear about some show sales Wilma! And best of luck with all upcoming events too. I hope you take Tina's photo album along to show to non buying &/or other potential customers at your shows. Oh and I hope Tina sent some business cards along too! :)
~Anna Lee
ps, Got your your newest bead creations the other day and they are simply awesome!!!

Kat said...

congrats on a good show! I still write 2003 on things :P

Studio618 said...

I said I would try to lose some weight on Jan 2008, and I'm still going to say that again in a couple months. So sad!

But glad that you show went well and I'm sure you'll do great on the upcoming ones too.

Tina Cowan said...

Please don't tell me that you did not meet a nice gentleman at the show? Beans, get more beans okay.

KellyKim said...

Dear Wilma,
Congrats on your best show! You deserve it! Thanks for followed my blog :) Stopping by to say Hi to you, too :D


Anonymous said...

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